Born in the West Virginia in the ’60s, I’ve never imagined that eventually, I will end up being one of the most highly acclaimed graphic artists in Hollywood! It’s like whenever I recall the obsession I’ve had with the graphic novels (or as I called them then – comic books) when in high school, it makes me laugh. Gradually following my childhood love of everything that had pictures in it, I’ve graduated with the Fine Arts degree from a Yale University. That kind of a start gave me an outlook to indeed make artwork my profession. It did not take long until I’ve had my first client – who was a Publishing Agency. After did a few book covers and book illustrations for them they decided to hire me as an in-house intern.

Starting then I gradually became more and more involved with the world of the book illustrations, which eventually led me to drawing political satire images and caricatures as well… Though, for my own personal pleasure at the time (1989). Adapting to a quickly changing world, when the Internet hit us in the ’90s I began to practice web design as well… Eventually, it all led to me becoming a 2D and 3D artist as well. What more can I say about my love for creating the varying types of artwork, if it prompted me to leave my day job and open up my personal design agency?

Having been working there for the last 10 years, I cannot be happier with the decision I’ve made!

Creating tons of graphic novels, book illustrations and covers, movie posters, music albums cover, 3D art for video games and even some brand and product design is fun! While some people ask me, how do I have time enough to cope with such a workload, I just tell them that it takes a love for what you’re doing.

So, with all that said, I want to let you know that in case any of you would like to hire me – I am all yours! I am up for creating any kind of an artwork for either a movie poster, a video game or a brand identity… Oh, and by the way, I also love to write my blog entries here! That’s because passing the knowledge on to the next generations of graphic artists is what I have always dreamt of doing!

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