Sisyphus’ Labour stop motion animation

Concept, Art Direction, Set Design and Photography of Sisyphus’ Labour.

According to mythology, Sisyphus was a man who received a punishment from the gods when he cheated on them to escape from death. As a consequence, he was condemned to push a rock up to the summit of a mountain, and then to wait for the rock to fall all the way back down, starting his labour over and over again, for the whole of eternity.
In this work, giving to daily life a metaphorical interpretation, I focus on the repetitive monotony of labour that, in our intimacy, all of us must cope with on a regular basis. Adding humour as a critical component, I give to ordinary objects qualities of persons. For example, assembling a table light to flash S.O.S. in Morse code and a bookmark to try to get out from an old book stored on a shelf. Staged in a fantastical way, this project plays with the concept of expectation and explores tedium by tempting the viewer to watch silent scenes where nothing happens besides an annoying repetition of an insignificant situation, inviting the audience to compare the monotony of daily routine with the labour of Sisyphus. |Brussels_Belgium